How to Stop Being Hard on Yourself!

Have you beat yourself up so much that you question whether or not there is anything good left in you? Has this energy drain stopped you from doing things you want to do? The world is rough enough as it is, you don’t need to give yourself a hard time on top of it! Here is a reminder from the Angels to be kind to yourself.

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I Helped Someone Find Their Twin Flame

Somebody told me how I helped them find “the one”, their soulmate, their twin flame. Less than a month of our coaching sessions resulted in the following mind-blowing story.

“I have been working with Crystal as my twin flame life coach and had the pleasure to establish a loving, supportive connection with her. Her warmth and genuine caring has made me feel that she is not only my coach, but a loving, dear friend I have had the pleasure to know. She has helped me a great deal during an extremely trying/challenging time in my life and been more than understanding of my financial situation without judging me, which is not easy to find in our world that is still money driven and more business oriented as opposed to truly caring and genuinely wanting to help and do right by clients when running a business.

Last night, February 23, 2015, I took a risk and stepped out my comfort zone. It was difficult but I forced myself to go to a healing group by myself. As an attempt to find fellow lightworkers in my area, I faced a fear and pushed myself to join a night
of meditation and Tibetan singing bowls to raise my vibration. Crystal was able to tell me that is what I needed to do specifically during our last session. This is not something I would ever do without her gently pushing me to spread my wings.

I had a profound experience in which a young man hesitantly explained to me that I may be his twin flame. He had a paper with my name on it and other details that could be nothing less than true “synchronicity.” The signs were just too intense to fully grasp in the moment. I truly believe I was led to this meeting for that very reason. And although it was an overwhelming encounter, I know in my heart I was led to this place for a reason. I could not have done this without Crystal’s guidance. She has been a blessing to me and I would never have gone to this meeting if she hadn’t advised me to start networking with like-minded people. It was shocking, so I called her right away, and she answered immediately, right by my side when I truly needed her the way an amazing coach, like herself, should treat her clients.

I will be ever grateful for her services and have full faith now that the Universe and our awakening is not only real, but an extremely amazing blessing for those who choose to fearlessly follow the signs. I know Crystal was sent to me to guide me through my awakening and towards my true work and Twin flame! I think the most shocking thing is her feedback has been almost frighteningly accurate. She is a blessing, she led me to my twin, she lifted me in my darkest moments, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a talented, spiritually advanced, and angelic soul.

Thank you, I will always be grateful that Crystal was sent to me by Spirit and I want to give other women hope that this work not only works, but has inspired me to keep fighting through the darkest time in my life, and provide inspiration to other women who are struggling, or doubting they will be fortunate enough to experience what happened to me last night. Believe in miracles, they can come true. Believe in Crystal, she is a talented angel, coach, and an amazing woman with the ability to inspire, empower, and touch the lives of other women that feel there is no hope. Thank you so much Crystal! You are a blessing!”
– Samantha Levin

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Get People to Promote Your Business

SHE TURNED TRICKS IN TIJUANA. Ginger is her name. She was living on the street, lonely, and shaking from head to toe. Then my uncle rescued her, God bless him for seeing past her mangy appearance. She was rough to look at, but her heart could be seen from a mile away. She came to live with me, got a bath, saw a doctor and got treated for the infection she had acquired while living out there.
She got new clothes and became a Diva. the way she prances around and barks orders with the confidence of a pitbull is astounding. She has a home, a cozy bed, all the entertainment and food she could ever wish for, and most of all she is immensely loved. What you see in her eyes is a sweetness that only a soulmate could recognize. I doubt she could have saved herself, as she was suffering and going downhill fast. What I learned from this chihuahua mix is everybody needs someone to help them reach their full potential.
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So stop turning tricks to get clients and start holding your head up high with confidence and know-how.

Supporting you in Spirit,
“Comfy” Crystal
Angel Sign Language™ Teacher

The Wish: Starbucks and the Magic of the Angels.

This morning I was thinking I wanted Starbucks on my way to work, but I didn’t want to take the time to find one on my way in (not my usual thing to do) and didn’t want to show up to work too late. But as I was getting into my car I kept thinking I deserve to have it. So I figured since I have formed such a great and bonded connection with my guardian angels that I would leave it up to the Universe to provide for me, if it was meant to be.
I got in the car, put on my seatbelt and started the navigation to route my path to work. No, I didn’t need it, because I know how to get to work. I did it because I felt the nudge to do it and had the knowing (claircognizance) that if I did, my route would change to “magically” take me past a Starbucks conveniently placed along my path to work. You cannot imagine my surprise when the damn thing told me to go a different way I would have never gone! Even though I was shocked and in disbelief about the possibility of this actually being an answered thought (thoughts are prayers, you know, even the bad ones) I still followed the path that was displayed before me.
Next time you’re afraid, follow the path anyway… you’re usually answering your own prayers!
P.S. The Skinny Mocha Latte was just what the angels ordered. Yummy!
Supporting you in Spirit,
“Comfy” Crystal , Intuitive Spirit Guide Coach

My Grandpa Bear

My grandpa left me a sign today. I messed with a bowl, before I left the house yesterday, that had random junk (shoelaces, a chain, a paper) and today I grabbed it to clean it out and use it as a coin dropping place. I picked it up and the first thing on top was a old faded photo, where the only real visible face was my grandpa’s smiling face. It was very nice and I did not see it there yesterday when I was poking around in it. I knew something slid out of the paper, but I didn’t see it and I didn’t see it on top. Today it was right on top, face up, ready to be seen.
Grandpa Bear

My brother and I called him Grandpa Bear. I think it may have been because he had these bear feet slippers. I would love to have a pair of those slippers again, with the claws that stuck out the front. Maybe it was even before he had those. Perhaps because he would crawl around on the floor and chase us and growl like a bear about to capture you.

My point is that I spent time with a friend yesterday and he gave me a bottle of wine, that just so happened to have two bears on it, even called Bear Boat.

Bearboat wine

Really? Come on now. He was the first person I thought of and then I saw the photo today.

This was confirmation of him supporting me in my decisions, my life, and his desire for me to know that the times I have seen things like this that he just wants to say hello. Wow. As I type this I felt something on my back left shoulder and my left ear started ringing a bit and the pressure changed in my head. Thank you for the support! I heard you. Time to go to sleep. No more signs please! I kind of freak out when I[‘m alone and it’s late. Keep it to the daytime for now, thanks!

“Comfy” Crystal

Talking From the Heart

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” –Sai Baba 

I am grateful for the people I have to talk to and bounce stuff off of. If you’re reading this I am incredibly grateful for you.

I was beating myself up for a bit, about my need to talk and resolve things, like maybe I was talking too much and was asking for too much. But last night I had someone do an astrological birth chart reading for me and it really calmed me down. He said he was surprise because he knows me in person, and in classes and when I teach, I am a fiery Aries. But my chart showed a lot of emotional need and the need to talk and have resolution. That, i now know, is my gift and I only keep people in my life that give me feedback about my feelings and their own feelings. It really calmed me down to know that the right people love and respect my need to talk and it allows them to talk in return and feel free and supported.

I have learned the gift of speaking is a wonderful tool for healing, but only for people that are wanting the tool and seeking resolution and change. I could give a million dollars to two different people and one might go out and change the world with it and the other would blow it on crack and hookers and still live on the streets. I think I made my point.

I love my gift of gab. I embrace it and I receive others with it.

True Happiness – What Is It?

Sometimes what you thought made you happy is really what was holding you back. How is this possible?

It seems counter-intuitive to be so grateful for what you have, where you are,  and I appreciate everything in your life, and still have a hole in your heart for something that you feel may be thinking in a fantasy world. Who says that life can and is supposed to be just like living a romantic movie with a happy ending? Who says you can’t live in a fantasy world?

Why is it that some people can live and not know that they’re missing anything, and others feel like they have so much and yet they’re not living to their full potential? Spiritually speaking, how much free will do we really have? Why would a physical body experience symptoms of unhappiness if it made the choice to live the life it’s living?

I think back to when I was experiencing the highest vibration in the purest form of unknowing. I now understand how you can be a being of the light of God and not know that you are being of light. So if I didn’t know then that I was that radiant, that I had that much joy, how could I have lived fully and completely?

I know that as I got older and experienced more drama in my life, I noticed the pain and trouble in other people and I started to attach to that. Then I started to fix them. Now I make it my life mission to help fix others, to help them feel supported and loved. And while I feel completely loved, guided, and supported by Spirit, my physical body craves to be loved guided and supported by a human. Although I am a beam of light now, I cannot separate my being human from my being Spirit. It is to deny both sides of me, my yin and my yang.

And the beat goes on… and the beat goes on.

A Dad Proves He’s Still a Dad

I have a friend who is very connected to her loving partner, Jim. She was picking up some vibes that were making her very anxious and uncomfortable. Apparently it was the anniversary of the death of Jim’s father. I suggested that she might be picking up his angst. She realized he had been speaking about his father for a few days now, prior to the anniversary of his death. Obviously this had been weighing on his mind more than she had realized.
I told her to take a moment to ask Archangel Azrael to help ease Jim’s pain. She was preparing to leave work soon, so I mentioned that taking a quiet moment in the car before going home would be ideal. I had already prayed for him before I suggested this.  It was 9 minutes later that she came up with the idea to add a picture of his father to the family photos on the wall. I knew Azrael was already helping.
She got in the car, asked Azrael for help, and in the radio came Lynrd Skynrd’s “Simple Man”. The lyrics go like this:
Mama told me when I was young 
Come sit beside me, my only son 
And listen closely to what I say. 
And if you do this 
It’ll help you some sunny day. Oh Yah! 
Oh, take your time… Don’t live too fast, 
Troubles will come and they will pass. 
You’ll find a woman, yea yea, you’ll find love, 
And don’t forget son, 
There is someone up above. 

And be a simple, kind of man. 
Oh be something, you love and understand. 
Baby be a simple, kind of man. 
Oh, won’t you do this for me son, 
If you can?
Then she texted me to let me know what had happened and that she felt the angel’s presence and help and it was a wonderful suggestion. Then I was driving and I saw a truck with text on the back, not once, but twice that said “Jim’s Hauling”. His dad was also letting me know he was there! Moments later I thanked Azrael and smiled for my friends and then I came up behind a car with stickers and a license plate frame that said, “Smile! Jesus loves you!” Enough said.
When you ask for help it is always there in more ways than you could possibly imagine. You are SO loved.

The Word of God from a Different Perspective

If you imagine “low” as one end of a string and “high” as the other end, without judging the words as “bad” and “good” then you have a set of different-feeling words. If someone says you’re “pretty” it makes you giddy, your heart sings, you hold your head up high. If someone says you’re “ugly” you feel low, experience negative body reactions (frowning, stomach upset, stress, etc). Those are two different experiences.
If you speak those words of opposition into a computer microphone that tracks the wavelengths of the words spoken you will see the “negative” words have messy, high-peaking valleys, versus rhythmic synchronized valleys and consistent peaks of “positive” words. There is a book about this by Doreen Virtue, Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life.
So, it is like the mathematics of the Universe coincides with the way the words make us feel. That makes us a conduit for feeling energy. And the tools we have are the way our bodies and minds react, then, like through coaching, the choices we make when reacting.
Good vibrations,
Comfy Crystal

Manifestation Is a Breeze!

I find so many people are afraid to “bother” God and the angels with things that aren’t worthy to pray for. I am here to tell you that there is nothing you can’t ask for, humongous or tiny, that they don’t desire for you. The missing piece is your free will! God gave you free will, but Angel Law says you must ask the angels for their help. They are only allowed to interfere in cases of life and death. Other than that, game on!
So here’s an example of how this works. I am at a lovely level of instant manifestation. Today I used angel power and thought I should tell you about it. I came home to a desk fan that would turn on, but the motor was stuck in a fine combination of grease and dust bunnies, therefore the blades would not turn. I spent about 20 minutes doing what I think most people do… shove a pencil inside trying to kick-start the blades. I realized I was getting nowhere. Right before I gave up I remembered that I don’t have to settle for less of anything. I have the power to manifest things, we all do.
I closed my eyes, opened my hands towards the fan (totally not necessary but it helps me visual my focus inside my head and it actually does help send the energy to the right place), and took a deep breath. I let go of the idea of the fan not working and I embraced the thought of the blades moving with a smile on my face. I knew in my heart it would work. I shot out focused love and gratitude from my heart and asked my angels to make the fan work. I sent the energy from my heart to the fan like a Care Bear. Remember those? It took about 4 seconds and the fan started turning. I took a second to feel the wind on my face, and then opened my eyes.
Ahhh, it’s so nice to be loved for all eternity.
Your homework: Start asking your angel team for support.
Making stuff happen,
Comfy Crystal