The Word of God from a Different Perspective

If you imagine “low” as one end of a string and “high” as the other end, without judging the words as “bad” and “good” then you have a set of different-feeling words. If someone says you’re “pretty” it makes you giddy, your heart sings, you hold your head up high. If someone says you’re “ugly” you feel low, experience negative body reactions (frowning, stomach upset, stress, etc). Those are two different experiences.
If you speak those words of opposition into a computer microphone that tracks the wavelengths of the words spoken you will see the “negative” words have messy, high-peaking valleys, versus rhythmic synchronized valleys and consistent peaks of “positive” words. There is a book about this by Doreen Virtue, Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life.
So, it is like the mathematics of the Universe coincides with the way the words make us feel. That makes us a conduit for feeling energy. And the tools we have are the way our bodies and minds react, then, like through coaching, the choices we make when reacting.
Good vibrations,
Comfy Crystal

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