Manifestation Is a Breeze!

I find so many people are afraid to “bother” God and the angels with things that aren’t worthy to pray for. I am here to tell you that there is nothing you can’t ask for, humongous or tiny, that they don’t desire for you. The missing piece is your free will! God gave you free will, but Angel Law says you must ask the angels for their help. They are only allowed to interfere in cases of life and death. Other than that, game on!
So here’s an example of how this works. I am at a lovely level of instant manifestation. Today I used angel power and thought I should tell you about it. I came home to a desk fan that would turn on, but the motor was stuck in a fine combination of grease and dust bunnies, therefore the blades would not turn. I spent about 20 minutes doing what I think most people do… shove a pencil inside trying to kick-start the blades. I realized I was getting nowhere. Right before I gave up I remembered that I don’t have to settle for less of anything. I have the power to manifest things, we all do.
I closed my eyes, opened my hands towards the fan (totally not necessary but it helps me visual my focus inside my head and it actually does help send the energy to the right place), and took a deep breath. I let go of the idea of the fan not working and I embraced the thought of the blades moving with a smile on my face. I knew in my heart it would work. I shot out focused love and gratitude from my heart and asked my angels to make the fan work. I sent the energy from my heart to the fan like a Care Bear. Remember those? It took about 4 seconds and the fan started turning. I took a second to feel the wind on my face, and then opened my eyes.
Ahhh, it’s so nice to be loved for all eternity.
Your homework: Start asking your angel team for support.
Making stuff happen,
Comfy Crystal

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