True Happiness – What Is It?

Sometimes what you thought made you happy is really what was holding you back. How is this possible?

It seems counter-intuitive to be so grateful for what you have, where you are,  and I appreciate everything in your life, and still have a hole in your heart for something that you feel may be thinking in a fantasy world. Who says that life can and is supposed to be just like living a romantic movie with a happy ending? Who says you can’t live in a fantasy world?

Why is it that some people can live and not know that they’re missing anything, and others feel like they have so much and yet they’re not living to their full potential? Spiritually speaking, how much free will do we really have? Why would a physical body experience symptoms of unhappiness if it made the choice to live the life it’s living?

I think back to when I was experiencing the highest vibration in the purest form of unknowing. I now understand how you can be a being of the light of God and not know that you are being of light. So if I didn’t know then that I was that radiant, that I had that much joy, how could I have lived fully and completely?

I know that as I got older and experienced more drama in my life, I noticed the pain and trouble in other people and I started to attach to that. Then I started to fix them. Now I make it my life mission to help fix others, to help them feel supported and loved. And while I feel completely loved, guided, and supported by Spirit, my physical body craves to be loved guided and supported by a human. Although I am a beam of light now, I cannot separate my being human from my being Spirit. It is to deny both sides of me, my yin and my yang.

And the beat goes on… and the beat goes on.