Meet Me

me_coachHi! I am Crystal Bertolacci (aka “Comfy Crystal”). I live in Glendora, Southern California, USA. Right next to the “Little Ol’ Lady From Pasadena”. Because of the nature of coaching, I am able to speak with people all over the world in different time zones. I love meeting people from different cultures!

I specialize in non-denominational faith boosting. It is through the process of trust that I have made great strides in my life and I have had great success teaching and guiding others. It is my passion to soothe and empower! I have a fantastic sense of humor and have a large range of conversations with my clients. I get vulnerable if you will… this allows people to feel super comfy with me.

I look forward to coaching someone who would like to be inspired, motivated, uplifted, and gain a new perspective. I have a natural ability to show you your strengths. When you can’t find your strength and you need it the most, I can teach you to look for the signs in your life so that you can feel guided and supported, even when you feel alone.


I have been trained by the International Coach Academy and am a Certified Professional Life Coach, in accordance with the International Coaching Federation standards. This ensures that our experience together is trustworthy, ethical, private, nonjudgmental, and comfortable. I have invested in my education and training and incorporated that knowledge into my own life experience. What drives me is the desire to share how exciting that has been, how much better my life is, and how much better and easier your life can be.

Aside from coaching, I have a background in graphic design and have spent my life having fun, being creative, living fully, learning my lessons, and am dying to help others learn! I enjoy exercising creatively, and am very passionate about sharing my knowledge of vitamins and other health tips and tricks. Being healthy and whole doesn’t mean you have to work hard and hate it. All successes come from passion and getting results.

I positively impact others. This is my life purpose, to help others, and I thank you so much for sharing this experience with me.