It can be hard to trust someone with your most personal thoughts, desires, and dreams. This is why every time I work with soul family I ask them for a testimonial. It’s the best way I can show you what it’s like to work with me.

“I want to thank you for opening up my eyes and all the awesome advice you have given me. You told me to ask my dad another question just to clarify to myself that this is all real. Well I am now a true believer. Two days ago… before bed… I asked dad “Who was there to greet him at heavens gate?” Last night my question was answered in a dream. It was a clear message that my mom, grandma, and my grandma’s longtime love (he was like a grandpa to us) were there. There were a few other messages in the dream that I clearly got as well such as… he was present at my son’s school xmas performance, he was present when I was at my sister’s house for our xmas gift exchange, he even acknowledged my neighbor whom was a huge help the day he passed and kept me calm. I’m amazed and beyond happy. This has all been a huge help in the healing process for me. A million thank you’s for all your help ♥”

Julia H., California

“Comfy Soul really does put your spirit at ease. Crystal has a unique talent to encourage introspection and personal development on a level unmatched by any other. Her ability to call upon angels and The Universe to guide her intuition is astonishing. Even the most cynical skeptic can benefit from her assistance in goal-setting; in the time that Crystal was coaching me I met fitness goals, befriended helpful people to assist my career, and attracted a romantic relationship, all within the 12 weeks of working with Crystal! It’s incredible, and I am so grateful for the abundance that has manifested and the tools that I received from our sessions. I look forward to her books and workshops to help me maintain this level of spiritual manifestation. Thanks so much Crystal!”

Kaelin L., California

“Crystal skillfully guided me toward gaining clarity about my underlying beliefs through questioning and paraphrasing my statements. The way she questioned my definitions about my relationship or my partner helped me to assess the validity of my assumptions which in turn raised my awareness and mindfulness. She was very good at creating the trusting space where I, personally, felt at ease and safe to open upand connect with her. I liked her questioning style, which allowed me to see the same situation in a completely different light and get a new perspective on it. There were moments when I attended my sessions with Crystal while being not in a very good mood due to the problems in my relationship. She always managed to move me into the space of lightness and make me look at the situation from a new angle. I always ended my sessions with Crystal inspired,motivated and aligned with my true self!

I love the way she connected with me at a very first session. Her openness, sincerity, compassion and willingness to understand and support were strongly felt in the space and I want her to know that I really enjoyed my journey with her. It was adventurous, challenging but very safe and authentic at the same time!”

Dilya K., Beijing

“I always kind of think that Comfy Soul gave me a package which I opened and now I understand or get to see the signs that have always been there. To this day if I’m unsure about anything and I see a raven (maybe a crow) it makes me smile and I tell myself this is going to be ok or I”m meant to be here and I notice white feathers when I ask certain questions and I know I’m on the right path. I smile to myself and say ‘ yea Lou, it’s going to be ok. This is good’. Even the funny stuff I see out here, especially on the subways. I understand somewhere, someone, is doing it on purpose for fun to make me smile or look weird myself by making me laugh to myself! Thanks for showing me!!!

Louisa H., California

“I wanted to work with Crystal because she approaches coaching from a spiritual perspective which is important to me in my own self-development.  Through the coaching sessions I am better positioned now to communicate and prioritize both short-term and long-term business goals. In addition, Crystal provided invaluable coaching on marketing strategies and structures which will further support the development and success of my business.

Crystal helped me to see all of the flip sides of an issue – not just one side, but many sides.  She taught me to be forgiving of myself when I came up short on facing my fears and challenges.   I gained a better awareness of my strengths which I tend to take for granted so I don’t celebrate them.  In our sessions that focused more on personal issues, I have learned to be more mindfully healthy in how I approach difficult family dynamics.

Through working with Crystal, I now have more confidence in trusting the Universe to provide for me as I build my business.  I feel I am better positioned to just let fear go, embrace the positive up ahead on my Journey and to build my business around celebrating the excitement and passion I feel around my work.

Crystal brings a wealth of Knowledge, Skills and Spirit to her coaching.  Every session is rich with spiritual insight, loving compassion, humor and lightness, and dedicated attention.  I enter the coaching space with Crystal knowing I will be taken care of and tended to with respect even as I am pushed to kick out some of the walls of my own belief system.  Crystal is a powerful listener which becomes very apparent when she asks profound questions.  Her questions are truth-seeking and eye-opening, sometimes uncomfortable to hear but always instrumental in shifting a resistant way-of-knowing to a new dimension.  Crystal is a spiritual resource for the soul as she inspires us to reach high and dig deep to celebrate the soulful connection with our True Self in communion with God and the Universe. What a blessing she is.

Catherine O., Texas

“I was expecting a very uncomfortable experience just because of my personality. I was very anxious about it. I am a very private person and thinking about sharing a lot of my personal experiences and dreams with a complete stranger was nerve-racking for me. Fortunately my experience was completely different, I found a friend in Crystal. I was lucky having her as my coach.

She is incredible, supportive and open. She was alwaysvery warm and patient with me and my own coaching experience. She made me feel comfortable and helped my own confidence a lot.

Crystal’s personality is warm and giving and every single session became easier for me. I am still struggling with some issues like my shyness for example, but every time that one of those moments come to me I immediately remember Crystal and all the things we talked about and I work through it.

She is an amazing coach. She needs to share this beautiful “being” with the world. Her authentic personality and professional demeanor are remarkable. She is a really unique person.”

Angela P., Texas