Change is a comin’

I have been seeing a number followed by 55. So, for example: 7:55, 8:55, 9:55, 10:55, 11:55, etc., on the clock the last couple days. The number 5 signifies change. Big changes happening in my life. 55 = This is a period of “out with the old, in with the new.” Welcome these changes as they bring about new blessings.

So just now I got an email from Pizza Hut saying it’s their 55th anniversary and they’re selling pizzas for $5.55. Part synchronized event, part affirmation that change is coming!

FYI, it’s 5:55 right now.

Cha ching,
Comfy Crystal

I am grateful for death and love

My best friend’s grandfather died today, my mother in-law’s doggie, Pearl died this week also, but I received the news today as well. Before walking into work, as I grabbed the door handle I stopped, I heard God speaking. I saw the sun coming up at the top of the tree, then the birds and crickets got louder… the coming together of day and night. I breathed deeply in gratitude for the lessons of love in all its forms.
Then as I sat in my work meeting I noticed myself in the reflection of the glass and noticed by necklace was tucked in. Then I realized that because I didn’t find my crystal necklace this morning I put on my cross. God spoke again. Then as I picked up the Kindle book “Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” to read during my meeting (I can’t help myself, always feeding the Spirit) the woman who was the caretaker of all the dying people received a new client. Her name was Pearl, just like the doggie.
I am grateful for synchronicities, my connection with Spirit, the gift of self-reflection in this cosmic kindergarten of Earth, and knowing that all will always be Ok in all ways. Especially in regards to my Spiritual Life Coaching business. God supports me in supporting others. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my love with you. Namaste.
Comfy Crystal

To my Grandpa Andy on Memorial Day

My grandpa Andy (my father’s side) has been passed away for a number of years now, almost 20. It wasn’t until this evening that it hit me that I maybe could have gone to see his grave, which is somewhat near my home, on this Memorial Day. I’m not feeling too hot so the thought hadn’t occurred to leave my house until I saw a photo on Facebook of someone at Arlington. I have seen tons of photos like this today so I apparently was off in la la land to not receive the message earlier.

For the last week or two I have been seeing signs again pointing to Elk. In case you missed previous blogs (search “elk”), my grandfather was a member of the Elks Lodge. Whenever he wants me to know he’s around he shows me something to do with elks until I get it. It only took me 2 weeks. Usually this occurs around his birthday, or when he wants to acknowledge something going on in the family.

As I started to open my page to start this blog, I experienced that ultimate nod from my grandpa. Before I typed a single character, the contestant about to sing on the show “The Voice” sang a country song called Grandpa.

So to all who may have been forgotten this Memorial Day, you are most definitely not (especially ’cause you won’t let me forget).

I salute you,
Comfy Crystal

P.S. Lyrics, in case you’re interested…

 By the Judds
Grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days
Sometimes it feels like this worlds gone crazy
Grandpa, take me back to yesterday
When the line between right and wrong
Didn’t seem so hazy


Did lovers really fall in love to stay
And stand beside each other, come what may
Was a promise really something people kept
Not just something they would say
Did families really bow their heads to pray
Did daddies really never go away
Oh, grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days

Grandpa, everything is changing fast
We call it progress, but I just don’t know
And grandpa, let’s wander back into the past
And paint me the picture of long ago

Did lovers really fall in love to stay
And stand beside each other come what may
Was a promise really something people kept
Not just something they would say and then forget
Did families really bow their heads to pray
Did daddies really never go away
Oh, grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days
Oh, grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days

The Hidden Key

I couldn’t find my car keys one morning. I spent an hour and a half looking. I was now very late for my day job. It was just one key with an alarm. Deciding I need to leave, I called someone to come pick me up. 

While I waited, I decided to meditate and asked my guides to help me find the key so I could tell my rescue person that the plan has been aborted. I couldn’t instantly recall the name of any one angel who helps you find lost items, so I just asked for general angel help.

In case I went too deep into meditation, I grabbed everything I needed to walk out the door and put it next to me so I would be ready when my ride came. I sat down and I asked quietly in my head for my angel team to help me find my key. I had to forget what I was thinking about. It was no longer serving me to recall all the places I had already searched. Those moments had passed. 
I waited for something… an idea, a word, a nudge… then I heard it. A sound popped into my head. It was a memory I had from the day before. When I came home I dropped the key!  But where? I continued to listen. Nothing else came up, so I got up and started down the hallway waiting for something to happen. 
I intended on going back to the garage to retrace my steps and then I walked into my bedroom! I stood there wondering why I was there. I was by the night stand, so I decided to look there. I noticed a little blue piece of paper under the corner of the bed. I got down on my knees and grabbed the paper to throw it away. I started to get up and stopped. Why am I still on my hands and knees? I turned my head, looked under the bed, there was the key.
The key was where I never would have looked. Just like so many other times in life, things were not where I looked, rather they were waiting for me to relax, listen, and be there for me when I was ready for them. The key was to ask my angels for help and to recognize the presence of Source.
Locked in,
Comfy Crystal

Ave Maria

I went to donate platelets yesterday afternoon at the Lifestream Blood Bank in Ontario, CA. While I was donating, which takes about 2 hours, I was reading “Mary, Queen of Angels” by Doreen Virtue, a non-denominational book about the blessed Virgin. It seems like every time I pick up the book and read about someone’s encounter with Mary that it is perfect timing for me to learn something about her that means something to me directly. I remember periods of my life where her presence makes perfect sense. Like the times when I’ve smelled the strongest, sweetest smell of roses in places where you should not smell them, where no one but me smelled them.
I came home and went into my meditation room for my practice. Afterward, I felt very connected to Mary and decided to pull a tarot card from the accompanying card deck to the Doreen Virtue book. The card I pulled was “Quiet” and spoke of sitting in silence and asking questions that I wanted answers to. The first few answers seemed to come so rapidly that I decided to ask one that I was sure had no answer. I waited and felt and heard nothing. I realized this was my time to be quiet and wait.
The next morning my husband took off to work and I noticed the silence in the house. He had turned off the satellite radio channel before he left. I turned it back on so I could get dressed and ready for work. The song that was on was ending and the next song came on. It was “Ave Maria”! A Heavenly rendition by Catalin Finch. I cried like a little bitch. I put my hands in prayer and thanked her for listening and being there for me. I was joyful and humbled. It may not have been a definitive answer, but I didn’t need one anymore. All I needed to know was that I am supported and held in the light and that’s all anyone ever needs, if ya think about it.
Full of Grace,
Comfy Crystal

The Source Speaks

Exactly 2 weeks ago today something cool happened that I just remembered. Well, I was angelically reminded. I was having an incredibly awesome afternoon full of helping people, sunshine, and saving lives.

On my way to this awesome afternoon adventure I was receiving angel number after angel number, song after song… Messages from my guides of support and humor. I was grateful and they knew it.

Then, just to seal the deal, they made me feel, “look right”. So I looked and there it was in art deco colorful letters on a semi truck… Oddly small for a truck logo.  Tucked away in the corner closest to my viewing it said, “The Source.” That’s right. Just in case I didn’t alway know I was graciously connected, they wrote it down for me to laugh at.

Tee hee,
Comfy Crystal

Help On the Horizon

Last night I had a dream that my uncle and aunt from Germany, dressed as they were in the 80’s when I last saw them, were here at my grandma’s house, as it is now.
Out into the dining area everyone was sitting around the table telling funny tales.
There were some kids in the front room playing. I thought I would find my cousins Brian and Cassandra in there, thinking they would still be little kids. I went inside to have a look. There were 4 other kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, that I did not know. By descending age and order of them being closest to furthest from me, I asked them who they were and introduced myself. The first said “I am in accounting.” The second one said, “I’m a bookkeeper.” Then the next one said, “I like to read books.” And the last one jumped on a Gumby doll that was a bit bigger than her, pointed to it and said “I love it”. She was very small and didn’t talk much yet. 

Then everybody went outside and it was starting to get dark out. Everyone was getting into cars and getting ready to leave. Two people were riding on horses coming up to the house towards the front porch where I was standing. The people coming also felt like family. I could see the one in the front was a female and a male was on the other horse. Then my dog Rex woke me up.

I told my mom about the dream at lunch today. When I got to the part about the horses I started to say that it was too bad I wouldn’t know who they were because my dog woke me up. Then my mom said, “It was Becky. Remember? They had 2 horses. Shadow and Max, I think were their names.” Becky is the “Dream Nurse” I spoke about in a previous blog. She is my grandma’s sister, who was a nurse in her Earthly life. I have called on her to watch over my grandma and help her heal. I set the intention a few months ago to do this together with her during my sleep time and meet with my grandma in that same space. This makes me think of another dream I had with my grandma in a hospital waiting room. This was the first in a series of grandma dreams.

Feeling like my dream was cut short was part of what needed to happen in order for me to understand it. This is the case with everything in all of our lives. Everything happens for a specific reason. If I hadn’t told my mom about the dream I wouldn’t have made the connection with the horses to my Great Aunt Becky, at least not for some undetermined amount of time. I know that when you have out of body experiences you experience the light and darkness of real time during your travel. It was getting dark in the dream and this made the people on the horses silhouetted and difficult to see. Although they felt like family to me I am not sure I would have been able to see their faces, as they would not be coming onto the porch. 

Thank you Aunt Becky and Uncle Eli! I’m glad to know the horses made it to Heaven too.

Giddy up,
Comfy Crystal

Faith as a Vehicle

Today is Sunday. I don’t do church, but I attend this service via internet to my TV every Sunday. It feeds my soul and doesn’t preach fire and brimstone. I am just finishing up watching the Agape International Spiritual Center live stream service. If you are unaware, Agape is the “church” for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, the Visionary among other folks in the hugely successful movie The Secret

There was a guest Reverend speaking today, as Beckwith is at the Maui Tedx conference that takes place today. I sadly don’t recall her name (my apologies to her and those reading), but she said something today that I think it very important to share. This is how I live my life and it is the key to everyone living the life they want, without fear of the unknown.

She told a story of a lady in her congregation that was having her car repossessed. The man showed up at her door and apologized that he was there to take her car away. She went along willingly, knowing this was of her own doing, and took him to the car in the parking lot to be taken away. She had to rent a car to get around until she could get her car back. She had the rental for 10 days and when she brought the keys to the counter to turn it in the guy said that something had to be wrong, as the odometer said she had only gone 10 miles. He called a manager. The manager came and said, “well, it only said 10 miles, so we can’t charge you more than that!” And she paid only for 10 miles.

She then went to pick up her car. They gave her the keys and she went to the spot where the car was and there she found a different car! The car she dropped off had only one hub cap, was not clean, and the oil light was on and had little to no oil. The car she was looking at was shiny and looked new. It had been washed and waxed. It had 4 shiny new hubcaps on it. She got inside and the light was off for the oil. The oil had been changed! She had a “new” car.

Why did this happen to her? When she picked up her sporty rental car she had the feeling and joy of a brand new car in her soul. She felt that joy and was focused on that feeling. She manifested a sporty feeling into her own vehicle. When she picked it up it felt even more joyful because this was her own car with a much better vibe!

When you want something, focus on the feeling of having it already. Then when it comes you can enjoy it because you were patient and worked at it. When you focus on that feeling the Universe feels like you already have it. So, it attracts things to you that support you having it.

As was said in the closing song for Agape today, “Prayer is the driver’s license, faith is the vehicle.”

Baby You Can Drive My Car, Yes, I’m Gonna Be a Star,
Comfy Crystal

The Mustache Message

Have you ever wanted to know if your loved ones, Spirit Guides, or God is listening and watching you, and supporting you? How about just your normal every day activities? How about those special events? This is one of the ways I know someone is always just a thought or virtual chat away.

Today I was telling my friend how wonderful my Spiritual Life Coaching sessions have been with one of my clients. I said that it was a beautiful experience full of synchronicity and we talked about how everyone is spiritually connected to one another. People you don’t even know are bound to your spirit, experiencing life with you, whether your best friend or a stranger half a world away. Sometimes you don’t know and sometimes the world seems small and you are amazed at your new found connection.
She says that is strange because although she knows of my client, she doesn’t know them or what they look like, but she dreamt about us last night. Last night was my session with my client. She didn’t know the session was last night. Then she went on to say that she dreamt we were standing together and smiling, not doing anything, but looking like we were posing for a picture or something. We just looked happy. She was thrilled when I told her that’s how we felt when we talked together. We were just meant to connect in this life and our bonded souls are supporting each other. She psychically connected to our vibes and “saw” us.
After hearing that my friend asked me if he had a mustache. I laughed my butt off and and my jaw dropped. No, he didn’t have a mustache, BUT… when we first started talking he was playing with something and cut out a mustache and was playing around with it on his face. He played with it for quite some time actually. I even commented that my friend had bought me some fake mustache finger tattoos for Christmas and I was enjoying his playtime even more for that reason. Then she asked me if he had a mustache like Cheech. You know that’s exactly what he had cut out! Now that I think about it, my client and myself share Born in East L.A. as one of our all-time favorite movies (Cheech is in it, if you do not know).
I told my client and he said, “You could not have told me a better story to show me that we are connected to everyone, just like we talked about.”
The next time you make a decision, make it for the good of your soul and for the good of others on the planet. It will always come back to you in the best ways possible.
Your soul mate,
Comfy Crystal

Message from beyond before the death

I had a client session tonight and he told me this story. It fully demonstrates that someone who is new to, and 6 weeks into, their Spiritual Life Coaching Journey can connect to the ‘other side’ by simply allowing the process to work. I will call him “Romeo” for the purpose of telling this story, since coaching is a private and confidential experience.

 Romeo was Christmas shopping for his father and decided to purchase a hunter’s type hat, something that would cover his ears and keep him warm. He showed me a picture of his father wearing the hat when he received it at Christmas.
Five days later Romeo’s uncle, his father’s brother, had passed away and made his transition. Romeo told me that he attended the funeral and there they passed out a memorial booklet with some photos of his uncle. Then he told me to get ready and showed me the photo. It was his uncle wearing the same style hat, same color, with the same 3/4 profile camera shot. It being his father’s brother, they looked almost identical. It was as if his uncle was saying, “I’m OK, I’m still here, and look how funny life and the afterlife are. I love you both. Tell your dad I said ‘hello.'”
Romeo had purchased this hat, not knowing his uncle had one or ever having seen this picture before. Seeing these images side by side, with the timing involved might be called coincidence by some, but I know there is no such thing. And now, my client does too. The more and more Romeo experiences things, the more he sees how things tie together to give you clues about your direction in life. Now that he is connected to the messages from the Universe he feels supported, excited, and is looking forward to new adventures.
Oh, and now he is ready to tell his dad the ‘message’ he received.