The Wish: Starbucks and the Magic of the Angels.

This morning I was thinking I wanted Starbucks on my way to work, but I didn’t want to take the time to find one on my way in (not my usual thing to do) and didn’t want to show up to work too late. But as I was getting into my car I kept thinking I deserve to have it. So I figured since I have formed such a great and bonded connection with my guardian angels that I would leave it up to the Universe to provide for me, if it was meant to be.
I got in the car, put on my seatbelt and started the navigation to route my path to work. No, I didn’t need it, because I know how to get to work. I did it because I felt the nudge to do it and had the knowing (claircognizance) that if I did, my route would change to “magically” take me past a Starbucks conveniently placed along my path to work. You cannot imagine my surprise when the damn thing told me to go a different way I would have never gone! Even though I was shocked and in disbelief about the possibility of this actually being an answered thought (thoughts are prayers, you know, even the bad ones) I still followed the path that was displayed before me.
Next time you’re afraid, follow the path anyway… you’re usually answering your own prayers!
P.S. The Skinny Mocha Latte was just what the angels ordered. Yummy!
Supporting you in Spirit,
“Comfy” Crystal , Intuitive Spirit Guide Coach

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