I Helped Someone Find Their Twin Flame

Somebody told me how I helped them find “the one”, their soulmate, their twin flame. Less than a month of our coaching sessions resulted in the following mind-blowing story.

“I have been working with Crystal as my twin flame life coach and had the pleasure to establish a loving, supportive connection with her. Her warmth and genuine caring has made me feel that she is not only my coach, but a loving, dear friend I have had the pleasure to know. She has helped me a great deal during an extremely trying/challenging time in my life and been more than understanding of my financial situation without judging me, which is not easy to find in our world that is still money driven and more business oriented as opposed to truly caring and genuinely wanting to help and do right by clients when running a business.

Last night, February 23, 2015, I took a risk and stepped out my comfort zone. It was difficult but I forced myself to go to a healing group by myself. As an attempt to find fellow lightworkers in my area, I faced a fear and pushed myself to join a night
of meditation and Tibetan singing bowls to raise my vibration. Crystal was able to tell me that is what I needed to do specifically during our last session. This is not something I would ever do without her gently pushing me to spread my wings.

I had a profound experience in which a young man hesitantly explained to me that I may be his twin flame. He had a paper with my name on it and other details that could be nothing less than true “synchronicity.” The signs were just too intense to fully grasp in the moment. I truly believe I was led to this meeting for that very reason. And although it was an overwhelming encounter, I know in my heart I was led to this place for a reason. I could not have done this without Crystal’s guidance. She has been a blessing to me and I would never have gone to this meeting if she hadn’t advised me to start networking with like-minded people. It was shocking, so I called her right away, and she answered immediately, right by my side when I truly needed her the way an amazing coach, like herself, should treat her clients.

I will be ever grateful for her services and have full faith now that the Universe and our awakening is not only real, but an extremely amazing blessing for those who choose to fearlessly follow the signs. I know Crystal was sent to me to guide me through my awakening and towards my true work and Twin flame! I think the most shocking thing is her feedback has been almost frighteningly accurate. She is a blessing, she led me to my twin, she lifted me in my darkest moments, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a talented, spiritually advanced, and angelic soul.

Thank you, I will always be grateful that Crystal was sent to me by Spirit and I want to give other women hope that this work not only works, but has inspired me to keep fighting through the darkest time in my life, and provide inspiration to other women who are struggling, or doubting they will be fortunate enough to experience what happened to me last night. Believe in miracles, they can come true. Believe in Crystal, she is a talented angel, coach, and an amazing woman with the ability to inspire, empower, and touch the lives of other women that feel there is no hope. Thank you so much Crystal! You are a blessing!”
– Samantha Levin

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