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SHE TURNED TRICKS IN TIJUANA. Ginger is her name. She was living on the street, lonely, and shaking from head to toe. Then my uncle rescued her, God bless him for seeing past her mangy appearance. She was rough to look at, but her heart could be seen from a mile away. She came to live with me, got a bath, saw a doctor and got treated for the infection she had acquired while living out there.
She got new clothes and became a Diva. the way she prances around and barks orders with the confidence of a pitbull is astounding. She has a home, a cozy bed, all the entertainment and food she could ever wish for, and most of all she is immensely loved. What you see in her eyes is a sweetness that only a soulmate could recognize. I doubt she could have saved herself, as she was suffering and going downhill fast. What I learned from this chihuahua mix is everybody needs someone to help them reach their full potential.
My friends and close colleagues, Rich and Milana, helped me reach that potential. I needed that next step to get me from part-time to full-time with my business, but I didn’t know where to start. They are the world’s leading authorities on how to grow your business with joint ventures and have just released a new ‘must read’ manual … and you can get it without selling your soul.Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur looking to get to the next level, or if you are just starting out, this book is your guide to building your large list, making the income you desire, and making the difference you want to make.

It’s called “JV MASTERY: How to Get Unlimited Joint Venture Partners to Promote Your Products and Programs … Any Time You Want!” This manual is loaded with hot tips and insider secrets you can implement right away.

So stop turning tricks to get clients and start holding your head up high with confidence and know-how.

Supporting you in Spirit,
“Comfy” Crystal
Angel Sign Language™ Teacher

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